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performance management

The Performance Management System: Getting Organized

Most arrangements have job descriptions, deport inspects on hires, and provide training and development to the workforce. But in many instances, these activities fail to be tied together in a cohesive affinity. What is lacking is a integrated structure to provide the context for human resource functions and activities.

When business operations and plans are not properly co-ordinated or are functioning at cross-purposes in individual organizations, carry-on and morale suffer. This has a profound, negative bottom-line result. It moves imminent good business appreciation, hence, for an organization to take the time and effort to develop and implement the system described below.

The Performance Management System

A Performance Management System is an intrinsic component of the business systems of every organization. The Performance Management System is driven by the organization’s strategic business priorities and it functions at the critical juncture where approach becomes translated into performance. This is the system that copes the people part of your business and it needs to be aligned with the others systems that support your organization.

As a system, “its not” exceedingly complex. Because it requires a certain level of attending and precision, however, many organizations fail to manage it effectively, to their own detriment. Establishments which have established and maintain good Performance Management Systems capacity better, and captivate and retain high performing employees. Since it the effects and involves every employee, it also provides early warnings that other arrangements may be out of alignment.

How It Works

The development of Job Functions is driven by the business’s strategy and priorities. As business necessities vary, it is important to review the Job Functions, in order to be allowed to to ensure that they continue to be relevant and are in alignment with the organization’s strategies and priorities.

Once a Job Function has been defined, the Tasks which need to be performed and the related Knowledge, Skills and Ability been determined. These, in turn, lead to the development of a Job Description. The Job Description should include the attributes of both the technical and behavioural( concert) vistums required in the job.

Incumbents or job prospects can have their Knowledge, Skills and Ability( both technological and behavioural) is used to evaluate the Job Description. This will facilitate better recruitment rehearsals, as well as identifying Training and Development needs.

Performance Contracting is the process of establishing individual aims with individual employees. This should be a negotiated process between the employee and his/ her manager, and the goals and targets should include technological, behavioural and business objectives. It is critical that these goals be developed in a manner that constitutes them discernible, impartial, relevant, and attainable.

Performance Reviews( both both formal and informal) should be conducted on a regular basis in order to assess progress toward achieving the goals, corroborates or interventions that may be appropriate to helping the employee achieve the required performance standards, and Training and Development needs. These reviews also should be a negotiated process between government employees and his/ her supervisor.

Employees, with their supervisors, then should develop priority-ranked Training and Development projects. These then can be rolled-up to create an organization-wide Training Plan. From this, instruct can be organized and delivered in a scheduled and rational manner, always in support of business priorities and individuals’ needs.

This is a full Performance Management System. It should be applied to the entire organization and to employees at all levels. Implementing a Performance Management System will bring cohesion, degree and direction to the human resource activities of an organization, in support of its strategic business priorities. An professional consultant can help fast track the design, development and implementation of a Performance Management System and quickly get you firing on all cylinders!

Diamond Management Institute develops high-performance organisations through customized handling consulting, strategic and operational planning, leadership development, and hire instruct solutions. We are fierce about improving performance and effectiveness – for organizations and for individuals.


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